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Sullivan County Animal Neglect

Sullivan County Animal Neglect

County Official Explains Steps Made to Ensure Animal Neglect Claims are Processed

A woman may face possible penalties following reports of animal neglect in her property.

Portage man accused of catnapping now charged with animal abuse, stalking

A Portage man accused of baiting, trapping and killing neighborhood cats to leave on another family’s property has officially been charged with one...

Kentucky State Police

Kentucky State Police



Dog Finds New Home After Abuse

A dog is now in a new home after authorities say he was taken out of an animal abuse situation. Officials say Cash was castrated with a razor blade...

Owner of murdered dog calls for tougher animal abuse laws

A dog's violent death is raising concerns over Idaho's animal abuse laws. KXLY4's Kyle Simchuk reports.

Purdue PETA Circus

Purdue animal rigthts activists are protesting a circus show happening today in Lafayette. The world-traveling performace, Circus Page, says the sh...

A Close-Up Look at Animal Welfare Issues

Host Tina Evangelista-Eppenstein tackles the subject, 'Why is Animal Cruelty Increasing?' with Janine Choplick from the Hillside SPCA, and Dana Man...

Man charged with killing kitten

19 year old charged with animal abuse in the death of a kitten. He says he kicked it, but investigators say it could be worse than that.

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