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Clifton Salas, Regional Chief Operations Officer, Adrian Grieve, Executive Director, Tri-County Chapter, and Mar Torres, Communications Manager, gi...

Lafayette sees clogged storm drains after heavy rains

The city of Lafayette is asking people to report standing water in the streets. Lafayette Renew Superintendent Brad Talley says the city received m...

Environmentalists against One Lake Plan in Pearl River

A group of mayors and county representatives feel confident the proposed One Lake Plan is the best option for flood control in the Jackson area. Ho...

New Drainage System to Prevent Flooding in Subdivision

North Hidalgo County residents reached historic flood levels in 2014 and 2015.

Biloxi city officials pushing for a newsletter

The City of Biloxi is working on an all new way to keep citizens informed on the happenings in their city. Currently, the city offers information t...

Dog rescued from Hurricane Harvey comes to Syracuse

Hurricane Harvey sparked waves of mass evacuations and rescues for thousands of people in South Texas this past August. After devastating flooding ...

Potential Ave P Water Flow FIx in Works 110817

potential avenue p water flow fix in the works

Lafayette Councilman Sends Message About Drainage

Lafayette Councilman Sends Message About Drainage

Drainage Millage On Ballot To Solve Lafayette Flooding Woes

Drainage Millage On Ballot To Solve Lafayette Flooding Woes

New Life Disaster Relief prepares for missions

New Life Disaster Relief is back from helping hurricane victims in Texas, but their work in helping communities in need is far from over. Today, it...

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