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Earthquake rattles Los Molinos

Los Molinos residents felt the quake

Earthquake felt in Berks County

The shaking is the result of an earthquake, measured by Millersville University's seismograph at 4.1.

DEMA's Gary Laing on the 4.4 Earthquake in Dover

47ABC speaks with Gary Laing, Community Relations Officer with DEMA about the 4.4 Earthquake in Dover.

Mystery Boom Rattles Tiny Colorado Town

Residents of Lochbuie, Colorado are still trying to figure out the source of a mysterious boom heard throughout the town Monday evening.

Earthquake in Costa Rica

Earthquake in Costa Rica

Earthquake Iraq/Iran


Hundreds killed in earthquake between Iran, Iraq

Rescue efforts are underway following a powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake.

7.2 magnitude earthquake kills 61 and injures more than 300

Dozens of people are dead and hundreds more injured after a powerful earthquake struck the border of Iran and Iraq.

BREAKING NEWS: 61 people dead after 7.3 earthquake

BREAKING NEWS: 61 people dead after 7.3 earthquake

Texas Earthquake-Monitoring System Installation Complete

Researchers say the rate of earthquakes felt in Texas has increased over the past decade.

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