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Pharr Woman Warns of Phony Calls Targeting Computer Owners

She said she received several calls from people claiming there were issues with her operating system.

Consumer Reports tests 41 Beds-in-a-Box

Consumer Reports test mattresses extensively, and tells us where good thing come in those big packages.

Consumer Reports finds TV secuirty flaw

Could your TV be controlled by hackers? A new investigation by Consumer Reports found millions of smart TVs don't do enough to protect your security.

Better Business Bureau scam alert

The Better Business Bureau warns that there is an email scam to be aware of.

Valley Woman Warning of Facebook Scheme

Eljean Glomski wants to make sure no one else falls for this trick she was sent on Facebook.

Angie's List: Car Lifts

Even if you have a two-car garage, you can fit a third or even fourth car in your garage without adding any room, just by using the space overhead....

Living the simple life

Danielle Nottingham looks at a new homing trend

NIPSCO trims natural gas rate hike plan, citing tax cuts

NIPSCO trims natural gas rate hike plan, citing tax cuts

Angie's List: Radiant Floors

Getting “cold feet” before your wedding doesn’t happen in the literal sense, but getting them each morning after crawling out of a warm bed is anno...

Digital shopping changes

Nikki Battiste reports from New York

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