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On Your Side - Top tested charcoal grills

In today's On Your Side Consumer Reports shows us which are most user-friendly and do a good job of cooking.

Angie's List: Baby-proofing your home

Over 1 million babies and young children are injured at home each year. Accidents happen, but a lot of them can be prevented if proper childproofin...

Sears releases list of 72 stores closing

Sears released a list of stores that will be closing in 2018.

Better Business Bureau tips to avoid getting scammed when moving

National Moving Month might be winding down, but the busiest season for packing up is just beginning. Half of movesĀ happen between the months of Ju...

On Your Side - Buying a used cell phone

Need a new smartphone but don't want to spend a lot?

On Your Side - Cell phone insurance

Accidents happen, especially to our phones.

Gas Continues to Climb

The national average for gas is 31 cents higher than last memorial day.

On Your Side - Best Dishwasher Detergents

Sick of spots, bits of food and other grime on your dishes?

The Healthy WAAY: Saving Money On Cleaning Products

How to use inexpensive substitutes for your usual cleaning products and save money

IRS Issues Warning to International Taxpayers, Non-Resident Aliens

The agency says criminals are using a fake IRS form W-8BEN to aid in identity theft.

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