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The Healthy WAAY: PeCAN for Brain Health

A new program that can predict who's most at risk for brain complications after elective surgery

Preventive Maintenance Goes Mainstream

You think about preventive maintenance for your car, or even for your home, but what about for your face?

Mayo Surgeon gives teen autographed Roethlisberger Football

It's a story of strength, an incurable disease and the generosity of a Mayo Clinic Surgeon. In a video that is going viral one football fanatic is ...

The Healthy WAAY: Virtual Reality Neurosurgery

Doctors use virtual reality to perform life saving neurosurgery

The Healthy WAAY: Robotic Gastrectomy

Surgery using robotic technology is helping patients lose weight

The Healthy WAAY: Saving Lives After a Shooting

A new toolkit created by the American College of Surgeons that could help keep people alive after shootings and other incidents that leave people b...

The Healthy WAAY: Chemo Bath Kills Cancer

A new procedure after surgery enhances the survival chances of cancer patients

The Healthy WAAY: Fixing Botched Bariatric Surgery

A medical procedure to repair damaged caused by botched bariatric surgery

The Healthy WAAY: Epilepsy Treatment

A new machine helps treat epilepsy by locating exactly where in a brain someone's seizures are being generated

Brownsville Surgeon Says He's Losing Patients Due to Mistaken Identity

The orthopedic surgeon says in one day, he lost between 60-70% of his patients.

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