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Maria's Miracle Surgery

Doctors invent procedure that helps woman avoid amputation.

Las Vegas plastic surgeon works with SWAT

Las Vegas plastic surgeon works with SWAT

Envision Cosmetic Surgery

Envision Cosmetic Surgery

Technology Helps Prevent Miscarriage

It's minimally invasive and can be done as an outpatient procedure.

Health + Wellness

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Procedure Makes Breast Reduction Easier

Plastic surgeon says her patients don't have to use drains after the procedure.

Local Surgeon Assists Hurricane Victims

local surgeon

Cosmetic Surgeries in the Basin

Doctor Jeff Durgin and Laura Edge with Precision Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa of Midland talk about some of the procedures they offer.

Local Plane Crash Victim Finds Perfect Match in Surgeon

Pilot Mike Maloney made an improbable recovery from a serious plane crash in part because of the match with his surgeon, Dr. Fred Sweet, also a pilot.

Lip Injection Trend

Pucker up, Phoenix!

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