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The Healthy WAAY: Robotic Assistant Helps Replace Knees

A new robotic surgery system allows doctors to customize knee replacement to a specific patient's needs

The Healthy WAAY: Reversing Brain Disorder

A little known condition that mimics maladies like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's that can be reversed with treatment

The Healthy WAAY: Learning More About Brain Tumors

High tech tests that doctors can use to map out a successful surgical removal of a brain tumor

The Healthy WAAY: New Treatment for Essential Tremor

WAAY 31's Alyssa Martin reports on a new treatment utilizing ultrasound beams to help treat those with essential tremor

The Healthy WAAY: Restoring Vision With Stem Cell Therapy

A doctor in Florida is helping people regain their vision using a unique procedure involving stem cells

Healthwatch: Surgeon General wants more people to carry naloxone

The latest health headlines from

Surgeon general urges public to get overdose reversal drug

The opioid crisis has prompted the U.S. surgeon general's office to issue its first advisory in 13 years.

Surgeon General recommends expanding Naloxone Access

Surgeon general Dr. Jerome Adams is urging family members of those at risk of overdosing to carry Naloxone

The Healthy WAAY: Brain Surgery Made Easier

How a robot and a very powerful camera are making things easier for brain surgeons

The Healthy WAAY: Latera Nasal Implant

A new procedure that could help people who suffer from nasal obstruction

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