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Mayo Surgeon gives teen autographed Roethlisberger Football

It's a story of strength, an incurable disease and the generosity of a Mayo Clinic Surgeon. In a video that is going viral one football fanatic is ...

The Healthy WAAY: Virtual Reality Neurosurgery

Doctors use virtual reality to perform life saving neurosurgery

The Healthy WAAY: Robotic Gastrectomy

Surgery using robotic technology is helping patients lose weight

The Healthy WAAY: Saving Lives After a Shooting

A new toolkit created by the American College of Surgeons that could help keep people alive after shootings and other incidents that leave people b...

The Healthy WAAY: Chemo Bath Kills Cancer

A new procedure after surgery enhances the survival chances of cancer patients

The Healthy WAAY: Fixing Botched Bariatric Surgery

A medical procedure to repair damaged caused by botched bariatric surgery

The Healthy WAAY: Epilepsy Treatment

A new machine helps treat epilepsy by locating exactly where in a brain someone's seizures are being generated

Brownsville Surgeon Says He's Losing Patients Due to Mistaken Identity

The orthopedic surgeon says in one day, he lost between 60-70% of his patients.

The Healthy WAAY: Robotic Assistant Helps Replace Knees

A new robotic surgery system allows doctors to customize knee replacement to a specific patient's needs

The Healthy WAAY: Reversing Brain Disorder

A little known condition that mimics maladies like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's that can be reversed with treatment

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