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Directo a la Cominudad

Hector Dorta is joined by Dave Everly to talk about DUIs.

Gillespie Wreck's Impact on House

WAAY 31's Will Robinson-Smith reports from a house sverely damaged by a car which crashed into it at high speed

Directo a La Comunidad

Hector Dorta and and Dave Everly discuss driving under the influence.

DUI enforcement campaign wraps up in Idaho

DUI patrols were up for many agencies in Idaho in December.

DUI Checkpoints

Commuters can expect to see DUI checkpoints set up around our region, as police crack down on drinking and driving over the holiday. According t...

Drunk Driving Simulator Brought To Briar Cliff University

Drunk driving simulator brought to Briar Cliff University.

Daily News

Your daily 30 Second Download on News

Daily News

Your daily 30 Second Download on News

Rupert Police Department adds DUI patrols

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration gives grants to agencies across the country for DUI patrolls.

A 24/7 Sobriety Check In Program Is Coming To Iowa

A 24/7 sobriety check in program is coming to Iowa.

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