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Crews respond to 5-car crash in Whitestown

Emergency crews are responding to a reported five-car crash in Whitestown.

What To Do When Involved in an Accident

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. While it's exciting to see that we might have our first snow of the year here in the Grand Valley on Thursday, it also means...

Investigators search for answers after devastating crash

An investigation is now underway as to why a 14-car train jumped the tracks Monday morning in Washington, falling on Interstate 5 and killing three...

Why is the Insurance Company Refusing to Pay

You’ve been in an accident causing car damage and injuries. You’ve received an estimate for the repairs and have submitted it, along with your medi...

Damages in Personal Injury Cases

It is important that Mississippians understand what they are entitled to in the event they are injured in an accident caused by the negligence of a...

Man Safe After Falling Through Ice

Police say a man is safe after falling through the ice on lake Menomonie 7am this morning.

FHP: Traffic Fatalities Up Tis Year

FHP: Traffic Fatalities Up Tis Year

13 year old boy dies in a fatal car accident on Highway 99

A boy riding his bike was hit and killed by a truck after dark on Highway 99.



Tyson workers burned pkg

PERRY - Four people were taken to the hospital on Monday afternoon after suffering severe burns while working at the Tyson processing plant. The c...

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