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Search for Jeremy continues

29-year-old man fell off College Cove Beach trail.

Search and rescue dog training

Dogs are not just man’s best friend, but they actually play a key role in any search and rescue effort. News 25’s Caroline Eaker was on hand Sunday...

Mom's Search for Stuffed Animal's Owner Goes Viral

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- An Iowa mom's mission to reunite a lost stuffed animal to its owner has gone viral. It all started after she made the discov...

Fisherman Reels In Long Lost Purse


A photo has surfaced suggesting that Amelia Earhart's plane did not crash into the water in 1937, but rather possibly on the Marshall Islands. (Cor...

get involved

get involved

Search and Rescue Efforts in Eastern Idaho

After a slew of rescues and deaths this past week, we looked into how authorities go about finding people lost in the backcountry.

Paul Fronzack finds his true identity, now seaches for lost

A Henderson man's five-year search for his true identity and his birth family has produced exhilarating, but troubling results.

Gulf Coast Search and Rescue adds new member after loss

The Gulf Coast Search and Rescue team is getting new pup after one of their own rescue dogs was tragically killed during a mission last year. News ...

Brooke Glass next in line as Gulfport Girls Basketball Coach

Less than three weeks after the search began for the next head girls basketball coach at Gulfport High School, the administration has hired a repla...

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