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Airmail stamps unveiled in Fort Wayne

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WFFT) - The U.S. Postal Service issued two United States air mail forever stamps.

Palmview Resident Says Flooded Roads Preventing Mail Deliveries

He says the recent rain turned the worn caliche on the roads sandy and wet, making it difficult to drive through there.

Woman Accused of Stealing Mail Faces Federal Judge

Postal service employee Bobby Jo Reyna is accused of stealing letters and mailed gifts valued at about $2,000.

Rally at downtown post office

This afternoon post office employees and others gathered in support of a house bill that aims to prevent the privatization of the postal service.

Postal service workers take message to the streets

The U.S. Postal Service did not deliver mail today, but some workers took to the streets of South Mississippi to deliver an important message to ou...

Postal Service Protest

Postal Service Protest

"Helping the homeless" celebrates 5th year

For Janesville mailman Tom Hathaway, the people along his route have become more than just passing faces. Adam Duxter reports.

Driver of truck carrying mail for USPS dies in crash involving train

The driver of a truck carrying mail for the United States Postal Service died Wednesday morning in a crash involving a freight train.

Wreck on I-10 in Harrison County

Another accident during the wet morning conditions, traffic was at a standstill in Harrison County this morning around 9:45 after four vehicles col...

The United States Postal Service is now selling "scratch n sniff" stamps.

Organizers said they're the perfect treat during the summer months.

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