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LawCall: Rides For Hire

Attorney Michael Timberlake discusses the legal liabilities regarding rides for hire, like Uber, Lyft, charter buses, etc.

LawCall at 11: Driver Responsibility

Attorney Michael Timberlake discusses legal responsibilities drivers face on the roads.

LawCall: Statute of Limitations

Attorney Will League discusses stature of limitations

LawCall at 11: Driving Distractions

Attorney Heath Brooks discusses driver distractions.

LawCall: Trucking Accidents

Attorney Tommy Siniard discusses trucking accidents.

LawCall at 11: Trick or Treaters and Premises Liability

Attorney Michae; Timberlake discusses rules involving premises liability as it relates to trick or treaters on Halloween.

LawCall: Negligence

Attorney Will League discusses issues involving negligence

LawCall at 11: Medical Negligence

Attorney Tommy Siniard discusses issues involving medical negligence.

LawCall: Social Security Disability

Attorney Michael Timberlake discusses issues social security disability benefits.

LawCall at 11: How To Fire Your Attorney

Michael Timberlake discuss attorney client agreements

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