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LawCall: Flood Insurance

Flood insurance doesn't usually cover storm damage.

Jeff Sessions on CA Sanctuary Laws: ‘We have a problem’

Sessions told law enforcement officers at a conference in Sacramento Wednesday that the Justice Department sued California because state laws are p...

LawCall: Workers Comp for Federal Employees

Federal employees have a different process they go through for workers compensation.

LawCall at 11

LawCall at 11 for Feb. 19, 2018.

LawCall: Texting and Driving

If you take your eyes off the road to text, you could be looking at a case in civil court along with criminal charges.

LawCall at 11. Feb. 12, 2018

Legal advice and questions answered.

LawCall: Health Insurance Claims Being Denied

If you file for a health insurance coverage and they deny you, is that just the end of the story?

LawCall: 18-Wheeler Wrecks

There are different ways a trucking company can be at fault in an 18-wheeler wreck, not just driver error.

LawCall: Criminal and Civil Law Differences

What is the difference between civil and criminal cases?

LawCall at 11, Jan .22, 2018

Legal advice and questions answered.

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