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Ask A Lawyer

Donald F. Smith, Louis M. Shucker, and Frederick R. Mogel review the Supreme Court of the United States.

Premises Law

including Slip and Fall issues

What Happens When You Need To File A Lawsuit

Steps of a lawsuit

LawCall: Responsibility for Children

As a parent, are you responsible for the actions of your children?

Georgia's Hands Free Law Explained

Attorney Zack England explains the new hands free Georgia law.

LawCall: Dealing with Insurance Companies

Property damage claims can be difficult to deal with when it comes to insurance companies.

LawCall at 11 - Boating Issues

Legal issues involving summertime fun, like Boating Safety and DUI

LawCall - Summertime Injuries

Pool Safety rules

Ask A Lawyer

Attorneys Julie Marburger and Sara Haines Clipp discuss child custody.

LawCall: Workplace injury cases

35,000 Alabamians are injured on the job every year.

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