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Premises Law

including Slip and Fall issues

What Happens When You Need To File A Lawsuit

Steps of a lawsuit

LawCall: Responsibility for Children

As a parent, are you responsible for the actions of your children?

Georgia's Hands Free Law Explained

Attorney Zack England explains the new hands free Georgia law.

LawCall: Dealing with Insurance Companies

Property damage claims can be difficult to deal with when it comes to insurance companies.

LawCall at 11 - Boating Issues

Legal issues involving summertime fun, like Boating Safety and DUI

LawCall - Summertime Injuries

Pool Safety rules

Ask A Lawyer

Attorneys Julie Marburger and Sara Haines Clipp discuss child custody.

LawCall: Workplace injury cases

35,000 Alabamians are injured on the job every year.

LawCall: Ball Field Vehicle Damage

What happens if your vehicle is damaged by a baseball while you're at the ball park?

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