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LawCall at 11: How To Fire Your Attorney

Michael Timberlake discuss attorney client agreements

LawCall at 11: On The Job Accidents

Attorney William Messervy discusses workers compensation accidents.

LawCall: Property Damage Claims

Attorney Will League discusses filing property damage insurance claims.

LawCall at 11: Insurance Claims

Private Property Insurance Claims

LawCall: Preserving Evidence

Advice for collecting pictures and documentation when something happens for which you may need evidence to recover anything later.

Former Monroe County Officer remembered as a good officer

Tony Coxey died in his home and funeral arrangements have not yet been made

Ask A Lawyer

Christopher C. Muvdi, Esquire is joined by Timothy B. Bitler, Jr. Esquire, to talk about grandparents' standing in custody cases.

LawCall at 11: Responsibilities of Gun Owners regarding Children

Michael Timberlake discusses parental liability when a child takes a parent's firearm

LawCall: Health Insurance

What to do when your health insurance comopany denies your claim

Human Resource Management

Bob Orzechowski is joined by Andrew Howe, Esq. to talk about human resource legal cases.

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