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LawCall: Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer?

Attorney Michael Timberlake discusses the process for determining whether or not you need to hire a lawyer, especially when dealing with an insuran...

LawCall at 11: Proving Mechanical Failure in Auto Accidents

Attorney Michael Timberlake discusses what you have to prove when a mechanical defect caused an accident.

LawCall: Compensatory vs. Punitive Damages

Attorneys Will League & William Messervy discuss the differences of compensatory vs. punitive damages in a case.

Legal Line - December 19, 2018

Legal Line - December 19, 2018

Ask a Lawyer

Beth Auman, Joan London and David Beane discuss indoor air quality, risk reduction and compliance.

Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over

Law Enforcement officers look to slow down drunk drivers over the holidays.

LawCall at 11: Auto Insurance

Attorney Michael Timberlake discusses automobile insurance.

LawCall: How To Hire An Attorney

Attorney Will League discusses how to hire an attorney to defend your case.

LawCall: Bad Faith Insurance Coverage Denials

Attorney Michael Timberlake discusses issues regarding incurance coverages and bad faith on their behalf.

LawCall: Rides For Hire

Attorneys Will League and Heath Brooks discuss liabilities regarding rides for hire, including the recent tour bus crash in Mississippi.

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