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Talk With Your Doctors - TWYD20181022

Diverticular Disease

Nurses helping with search and rescue

North Alabama nurses are in Panama City, Florida giving medical attention to survivors of Hurricane Michael.

Revolutionary Program to Help in Battle Against HIV/AIDS

making a difference form those who suffer from hiv.aids

Local nurses help hurricane victims

North Alabama nurses are helping in Panama City hospitals

Doctors Recommend Getting Flu Vaccine before Peak Season

The CDC says if the flu is not treated, certain complications can arise.

MUSC Blessings of the therapy Dogs

New Best Friends at MUSC are helping patients.

Health care job fair held to find the next generation of nurses

About 30 different employers set up booths at the job fair.

Doctors being kept busy with seasonal sickness onslaught

KXLY 4's Hawk Hammer reports.

Doctors remind everyone to get their flu shot

UW Dr. Joe McBride reminds everyone six months and older to get their flu shot.

Talk With Your Doctors

Atrial Fibillation

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