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Evansville Wartime Museum Honors WWII Nurses

Evansville Wartime Museum Honors WWII Nurses

Medical Breakthroughs - Treating tuberculosis with sea life

Tuberculosis, or TB, is a serious bacterial infection that attacks the lungs.


After over four months of contract negotiations, the Oregon Nurses Association has announced some details of a new deal between nurses and Providen...

Local doctors are seeing more cases of skins cancer

Seasonal sun exposure can make you susceptible to skins cancers.

A new class of Doctors graduate

Another class of new doctors received their diplomas Saturday at Mayo Clinic's College of Medicine and Science graduation ceremony.

Medical Breakthroughs: Returning a sense of touch to amputees

It was a scene in the 1980 iconic Star Wars film, Empire Strikes Back. A young jedi receives a prosthetic hand capable of touch. Now nearly 40 year...

Medicine in the News

Lee Radosh is joined by William Lovett and Aseem Balhara to talk about medical mission trips.

Doctors Screening for Opioids

A new law in Iowa is requiring doctors screen patients for signs of addiction before prescribing opioids

Healthwatch: Doctors concerned about another kind of second hand smoke

The latest health headlines from

Deaconess Midtown Celebrates National Nurses Week

Deaconess Midtown Celebrates National Nurses Week

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