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Women in Islam

One Rochester woman wants to set the record straight.

Editorial: Demystifying Muslims and Islam

The work combating bigotry, racism and hatred is arguably the most important work in the world today. And while it often seems hopeless, groups lik...

Muslim American Perspectives

Dr. Zia Mahmood delivers a Christmas Message.

Nation of Islam

Nation of Islam

Special Report: A Lesson on Islam

Rebecca Petit spoke with Muslims in the Tennessee Valley to find out more about this fast-growing religion and discovered that they are no differen...

About Islam: A Special Report from Rebecca Petit on WZDX

Don't miss this special report on the fastest growing faith in the world.

Muslim American Connection

Zia Mahmood talks about American values vs Islamic values with the Rev. Paul Harvey from Calvary Bible Fellowship Church.

Islam Awareness Week

Islam Awareness Week

Muslim American Perspectives

Zia Mahmood discusses Islamic activism, and argues against the viewpoints of Sharia Law activist Linda Sarsour in particular.

Westmont Islam presentation

A diversity presentation on Islam and Middle Eastern culture took place Thursday night

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