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Hooked on Science: Static Electricity

Alissa's Monday Forecast

Bad Air Quality



STEM Opens Doors to Public at Central High School

Students at Central High School interested in science, technology, engineering, and math opened their doors to the public today. The department go...

120117 Moment of Science: Flaking Out

In the eleventh episode of Moment of Science, KLST's Chief Meteorologist Dan Smith shares the science behind the formation of snowflakes.

Iowa looking to meet computer science need

The goal is to have computer science classes part of the curriculum for all Iowa K-12 schools

Facebook Push 12-8b

Facebook Forecast

Kids get hands on experience in computer science

Students at Downtown Elementary were in for a treat Tuesday getting hands on experience in computer science.

Hooked on Science: Bowling Ball Pendulum

Boys basketball: Utica Academy of Science downs Onondaga

The Utica Academy of Science gets past Onondaga by a final score of 58-48.

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