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Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

Sanford Bishop Jr., says he's against Net Neutrality appeal

The internet, as we know it, may change tomorrow if the Federal Communications Commission approves the repeal to net neutrality.

Possible Net Neutrality repeal ‘worries’ some

Imagine having to pay extra for your internet to get in touch with friends and family on Facebook. Or paying extra to stream your favorite show, on...

Understanding Net Neutrality and the Possibility of Repeal

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The internet you know and use on a daily basis could very well change on December 14th with the potential repeal of Title 2 ...

MedWatch Today: Children & Antibiotics

Parents will often believe antibiotics is what will make their kids feel better when they have colds, but that's often not the case.

Newest additions to Castle Air Museum

Thanks to the generosity of museum members and the community, Castle Air Museum was able to bring in three new aircraft this year.

Correcting your pups bad manners

Our Certified Dog Behavior Consultant show us how to keep your dog from jumping, barking, and behaving badly when guests come over.

#GivingTuesday Terry's House

On this Giving Tuesday, don't forget to donate to Terry's House, which provides affordable lodging for families of patients in critical care units ...

MedWatch Today: Respite Care Center

The Fresno Rescue Mission gives all year round, and now, in partnership with Community Medical Centers they've built a respite care center program ...

Hair Color Trends

From warm hues, to winter whites. The stylists at Planet Hair tell us what some of the hair color trends are, and how to maintain our color treated...

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