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Moving Mondays

Chest and back stretch

Fitness Factor 02/17/18

What's a better way to honor the Olympic Games than by getting your heart rate up and breaking a sweat?

Get Fit Friday 2/16/18

Beth Jeffers and Whitney Brown of The Fitness Factor discuss overcoming gym intimidation.

Family Fitness at Battlefield Elementary

Talking kids out of sugar? Good Luck! But that's just one lesson in Family Fitness month at Battlefield Primary.

Side move Abs

Side move Abs

FITNESS FRIDAY: Kettle Bell workouts

Lydia Sweets- Proof Fitness

Lydia Sweets is back to show some great workouts to get you to the next level just in time for spring break and a personal training special for our...

FITNESS FRIDAY: Using Complexes

Get Fit Friday 02/09/18

Beth Jeffers and Whitney Brown of The Fitness Factor give us some do's and don'ts of gym etiquette

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