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The Healthy WAAY: Treatment For Respiratory Problems

Some doctors think the cause for some respiratory problems might be in the stomach rather than the lungs

The Healthy WAAY: Ways to Treat Thyroid Disease

Several ways how one can treat thyroid issues by changing one's habits

Nutrition and Wellness

Dr. Donna Kulp talks about the effects of vaping.

Nutrition tips

Nutrition tips

The Healthy WAAY: Add A Decade To Your Life

Some healthy habits that could increase one's lifespan

Learn about the Keto Diet with Dietitian Amanda Nighbert

Have you ever had questions about the Keto diet, like what is it? How is it different from a low carb diet? Is it safe for anyone to try to do? Is ...

The Healthy WAAY: Daily Supplements and Their Worth

A Harvard medical school article states that some supplements have no confirmed health benefits at all

Nutrition and Wellness

Dr. Donna Kulp talks about food and heart health.

Consumer Reports: Healthy foods you can overdo

Trying to follow a healthy diet? That’s great, but Consumer Reports’ nutrition experts say you can overdo eating some healthy foods, even fruits an...

Dietitian answers viewers' diet, nutrition questions

Registered Dietitian Michelle Swader answers questions from viewers about diet and nutrition.

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