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Eat Right, Live Well: Mango Salsa Recipe

In this episode of Eat Right, Live Well, Katie Sampayo shows us a recipe for Mango Salsa.

Nutrition and Wellness

Steven Zellers is joined by Mark Brown to talk about Vitamin D, Vitamin K and allergies.

The Healthy WAAY: Treatments For Anxiety

Various means to treat anxiety, such as medication, various types of therapy and dietary changes

Dietitian answers viewer nutrition, diet questions

Dietitian Michelle Swader answers questions from viewers about diet and nutrition.

Earth Day Nutrition

Earth Day Nutrition

Nutrition and Wellness

Dr. Donna Kulp discusses how to get started with wellness.

Local Pharmacists Highlight ‘Keto’ Diet for Diabetics

Experts say diabetic patients on the keto diet have become less dependent on insulin.

The Healthy WAAY: Foods With Surprising Benefits

Here are some foods to eat that have surprising health benefits

The Healthy WAAY: Losing Weight In The Morning

Tips on what morning habits will help you lose weight

National Nutrition Month: Potato Pesto Noodles

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