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Students in Eugene walkout of class calling for tighter gun

About 200 students at Sheldon High School walked out of class in efforts to bring attention to "people who can [bring] change."

WTCHTS Wayne Parke

WTCHTS Wayne Parke

Dane County Sheriff updates News 3 on visit to White House

Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney updates News 3 on his visit to the White House to discuss the nation's opioid epidemic.

WTCHTS Bratten

WTCHTS Bratten

Trump's $1.5 Trillion Budget Arrives

The White House has released President Trump's budget plan, and officials are already discussing changes that would shift money away from social pr...

Guerrilla Politics 2-11-18

Political debate and opinion.

Government shutdown ends

The second government shutdown of the year has ended. President Donald Trump signed the budget deal that was passed by the House early Friday morning.

Berks Perspectives

The panel discusses the U.S. Supreme Court denying the GOP claim that redistricting in PA is unconstitutional; Governor Tom Wolf's 2018 PA state bu...

Shutdown Showdown Shows Signs Of Hope

Congress appears on the brink of a deal that will avoid another government shutdown, set to begin at midnight.

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