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The Healthy WAAY: Woman Signs Her Name To Freedom

The story of Betty Soskin, a ninety-six year old park ranger who's lived through a lot of history

AARP Award

AARP Award

Berks Heim At Work In The Community

Ann Gilmer provides some updates on events and activities at Berks Heim.

Free tax assistance programs

The AARP Tax Aides will begin free assistance service at the Kiln Public Library every Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. beginning February 1st. The p...

Circle of Life Coalition

Learn about The Conversation Project: How to Choose a Health Care Proxy with Dr. Dan Kimball and Judy Wechter.

First class dining options at Summit Vista

Summit Vista

aarp family

aarp family

Applauding Life After 50

Lori Gerhart and LuAnn Oatman from Berks Encore talk about the Share the Love project that benefits the Meals on Wheels program in Berks County.

Aging Matters

Ray Landis from AARP discusses the CARE Act - Caring for Family Caregivers with Ann Barlet.

AARP Protecting Veterans

It's common for people to get misleading phone calls this time of year, and now vets are a target.

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