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Dreamers & Inside Out Project Promote Action Over Inaction

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Dreamers in the Grand Valley are looking to turn dreams into reality by using art as a medium to send a message to our feder...

Directo a la Comunidad

Learn about buying and selling your home in Berks County with Elsie Maduro, Jorge Diaz, Jr. Jamie Perez and Hector Dorta (in Spanish).

Caz College professor broadcasting messages to Puerto Rico

A sabbatical for one Cazenovia College professor quickly took a new turn when she joined the relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

Odessa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Honors Chihuahua's Mayor

The President of the Odessa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Mike Garza talks about their event honoring Chihuahua, Mexico's first female Mayor Maria E...

Hispanic Center Presents

Barbara Bonilla and Mike Toldeo discuss the impact of Hurricane Maria and how the Hispanic Center is helping. In Spanish and English.

Dias De Los Muertos Festival Needs Your Help

The sixth annual Dia De Los Muertos Festival takes place Oct. 29 at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix.

LSU hispanic community

LSU hispanic community

Pine Grove Celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month

NewsChannel 9's Cool Schools has a special performance that teaches culture. Local band Grupo Pagan shares the music and dance of National Hispani...

LSU Hispanic Community Gather Supplies for Puerto Rico

LSU Hispanic Community Gather Supplies for Puerto Rico

Hispanic Heritage

international prep academy

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