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Penn Relays en Filadelfia

Penn Relays en Filadelfia

Expanden academia Newcomer

Desde hace siete años funciona en nivel intermedio y secundario, ahora se expande al primario

Deportes 4-4

Deportes 4-4

Commission on Hispanic Affairs released outreach report

Last month they released a report on the findings. The report calls on of the biggest takeaways was people have a lot of questions about laws.

En todo el país conmemoraron la fecha

Sin subtitulo

hispanic businesses

hispanic businesses

Ritmo y Cultura

Mereliss Colon and Letty Vasquez discuss mes nacional de la nutricion.

Directo a la Comunidad

Hector Dorta and Jose Lugo discuss prescription narcotics.

RGV Hispanic Chamber Senior Summit 3/19/18

The Senior Summit provides different booths to help with fraud, the food bank, social security, etc. This is an all-day event that also has free he...

Ritmo y Cultura - Rhythm and Culture

Mereliss Colon, Letty Vasquez, and Julian Angulo discuss eat, play, grow.

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