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Leeds Center

Leeds Center

Tater Knob Pottery

It’s a place that can help add warmth to your home. Tater Knob Pottery creates functional and decorative pottery items. From dishes to handle holde...

Dan Neil Barnes turns glass into art sculptors

Dan Neil Barnes has been doing glass work for over 20 years. His larger art instillations can be viewed at several places, including the Owensboro ...

Learn how to hand spin yarn by a local

Deep Dyed Yarns is a studio in Nicholasville, where they hand-spin and hand-dye their own yarns. There, they hand dye a variety of different yarns ...

NAP Connection

Painter Erika Stearly shares her art with Ron Schira.

french beading at the libary

beading at the library

Create your own custom quilt with Quilter's Square

It's a family-owned business that sells everything you need to make your quilt. Kayla is here to tell us more about Quilter's Square. For more info...

Poets' Pause

Marilyn Klimcho shares a selection of poems by poet Pat Hanahoe-Dosch.

News From Centre Park

Mike Lauter is joined by Hollace Kutay to talk about Ceramic Art and the Culture Institute on Centre Ave.

River Gallery

The new River Gallery art gallery is open in the Bluff View District.

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