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Pet Store Fire Under Investigation

Crews rescued several animals.



Duck Debacle in Dell Rapids

Family told to re-home unique pets due to city ordinance.

Pet Pals: Live at the Fair

Live at the Deschutes County Fair, NewsChannel 21's Dani Fried and Lynne Ouchida of the Humane Society of Central Oregon present a special duo: Spi...

Exotic pets - sugar gliders

Sugar gliders are not for everyone, but can be rewarding

Exotic pets: what to do with baby animals in the wild

baby wild animals

Fecal Fest at the Amarillo Zoo Part 2

Fecal Fest

"Fecal Fest" at the Amarillo Zoo

Amarillo Zoo

Fecal Fest at the Amarillo Zoo Part 1

Amarillo Zoo

exotic pets day 1

exotic pets day 1

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