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A Close-Up Look at Animal Welfare Issues

Host Tina Evangelista-Eppenstein tackles the subject, 'Why is Animal Cruelty Increasing?' with Janine Choplick from the Hillside SPCA, and Dana Man...

Veterinarian answers viewer pet questions

Dr. Jim Orvick answers pet questions from viewers.

Family Cat Discovered with Dart Lodged in Head

The cat, Buster, was let out of the house and when he returned, his owners found the dart.

Sandi answers your pet questions

Sandi Sawchuk answers your pet questions.

Berks veterinarian treating dog shot in face; man jailed

A man is behind bars on animal cruelty charges after, police said, he shot a dog in the face.

Dog is Family

Barb Emmett is joined by Dr. Jennifer Burroughs, DVM, CVA to discuss canine cancer and integrative treatment options.

Veterinarian Jim Orvick answers viewer pet questions

Equine herpes outbreak quarantines three Idaho ranches

Three different ranches in Idaho are quarantined because of cases of equine herpes. Two of them are in the Magic Valley.

Veterinarian office anticipates cases of canine flu

An associate veterinarian at Green Acres Pet Center says dogs can get the flu called canine influenza.

All About Dogs

Pat Mock is joined by Dr. Janet Jones to discuss laser treatments, Digatherm, and the new influenza vaccine.

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