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Central Pet Care - Dental Care (121117)

Central Pet Care - Dental Care (121117)

Pets Kept Outside Should be Brought Indoors During Cold Weat

If you’re unable to provide some shelter, such as a doghouse, a veterinarian said it’s the most important thing you can do.

CW4 at 7 Guests 12/6/17- Pet Pictures With Santa Fundraiser

Veterinarian Dr. Karen Emerson and her assistant David Perry join us to talk about getting your pet pictured with Santa Claus. Pictures are $20 an...

Pacemaker saves dog

Sadie in Waterloo was rushed to a veterinarian hospital where she received a pacemaker.

Central Pet Care - FAQ1 - Spay and Neuter

Central Pet Care - FAQ2 - Potty Training

Central Pet Care - FAQ3 - Litter Box

Central Pet Care - FAQ4 - Shampoo

Central Pet Care - FAQ5 - Weight Gain

Central Pet Care - FAQ6 - Eating

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