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Emerald Park wading pool reopens

The pool is free to those in the district.

The Healthy WAAY: Daily Supplements and Their Worth

A Harvard medical school article states that some supplements have no confirmed health benefits at all

Get Fit Friday - 8/3/18 - Slowing Down Osteoporosis through Exercise

Today, Beth Jeffers and Whitney Brown of the Fitness Factor in Columbus explore ways to slow down the process of osteoporosis through weight lifting

Get Booty Proof with Proof Fitness

April Smith, a general manager at Proof Fitness, put David hard to work with her workout: Booty Proof. Here’s what you have to do, and you can lear...

Coffee apart of a healthy diet

Coffee apart of a healthy diet

Eat right, Live Well: Parisian Tuna Salad recipe

In this episode, Katie Sampayo shows us a recipe for Parisian Tuna Salad.

Reading Rec Live

Heather Boyer and Hunter Beane are joined by campers from the Schlegel Park Swim Camp to talk about what they have been doing this summer.

Get Fit Friday 07/27/18 - Benefits of Physical Activity

There are benefits to physical activity that can improve your overall health. Regular exercise helps reduce cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabete...

A man exercises nude at Planet Fitness, and a $1000 Birthday party for your pet, this and more.

A man exercises nude at Planet Fitness claiming that it's a "Judgment-Free Zone", and a $1000 Birthday party for your fury friend. Watch to see wh...

Naked Jumping Jacks Leads to Arrest

A man was arrested in Nashville accused of doing jumping jacks while naked inside the ladies room of a McDonald's

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