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9Round Kickboxing Fitness

9Round Kickboxing Fitness

9 Round Kickboxing Fitness

9 Round Kickboxing Fitness

Total Fitness Kickboxing 8-15-2018

Total Fitness Kickboxing 8-15-2018

Going green orange theory fitness

orange theory fitness

The Healthy WAAY: Better Brain Health

A first of its kind study that's designed to research if brain games for seniors can improve both memory and mobility

Bike vs Car Accident

A bicyclist is in the hospital in serious condition after being hit by a car on Mill Run Road and Old Highway 43

Get Fit Friday 08/10/18 - How Physical Physical Fitness Benefits Moods & Depression

Whitney Brown and Beth Jeffers of the Fitness Factor in Columbus tell us about the close correlation between lack of physical fitness and mood and ...

Learn about the Keto Diet with Dietitian Amanda Nighbert

Have you ever had questions about the Keto diet, like what is it? How is it different from a low carb diet? Is it safe for anyone to try to do? Is ...

Get April’s Awesome Abs with Proof Fitness

April Smith, a general manager at Proof Fitness, put David hard to work with her workout: April’s Awesome Abs. Here’s what you have to do, and you ...

Animal Health 08/07/18 - Giving Your Bunny a Balanced Diet

Dr. Karen Emerson of the Emerson Animal Hospital in West Point introduces us to a rabbit who began to eschew her proper diet of pellets, hay, and ...

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