Erectile Dysfunction

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Men's Health: Erectile Dysfunction

Talking Health: Erectile Dysfunction

What ED May Mean for Diabetes Risk

It can be awkward to talk to your doctor about your sex life. But, for many men, problems in the bedroom can be a warning sign for another serious ...

ED Rx: A Possible Downside

While medications for erectile dysfunction, or ED, can improve men's lives, they may also carry a downside. I'm Shelby Cullinan with your latest he...

Strawberries and Cream

Strawberries and Cream

Nick Takes a Bite

Nick Takes a Bite

Recanvassing Starts Today

Recanvassing Starts Today

What Exercise Might Do for Men's Sexual Health

Exercising could be good for a man's sex life. I'm Lindsay Liepman with your latest health news. In a recent study, older men who exercised reporte...

How Even Borderline Low T Might Affect Your Health

For men close to having low testosterone - but not quite there - there is still the risk of health problems and depression. I'm Rachelle Grossman w...

Too Much Cancer Screening, or Too Little? Opinions Split

It may seem strange at first, but in certain cases, some patients would prefer to never discover their cancer. i'm Rachelle Grossman with your late...

3 Rules for Having Sex After a Heart Attack

Your spouse has had a heart attack. Does this mean your sex life is over? We bring you the bottom line on sex after a heart attack.  Dr. Suzanne, s...

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