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The mineral you need in your diet with Amanda Nighbert, RD

Magnesium is crucial for your overall health. According to WebMD, it keeps blood pressure normal and bones strong. Low amounts of magnesium can lea...

Get Fit Friday - 8/3/18 - Slowing Down Osteoporosis through Exercise

Today, Beth Jeffers and Whitney Brown of the Fitness Factor in Columbus explore ways to slow down the process of osteoporosis through weight lifting

Get Fit Friday 07/27/18 - Benefits of Physical Activity

There are benefits to physical activity that can improve your overall health. Regular exercise helps reduce cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabete...

Healthwatch: Tool may help predict osteoporosis

The latest health headlines from Channel3000.com.

The Healthy WAAY: The Dangers of Calcium

Why it's important to know your body's calcium level

"Bridge Street: Love Your Bones" 10/20/17

Today is World Osteoporosis day and Kelly Springer is here to talk about her products that can fight Osteoporosis

Pasta de Sardine

Eric Gardner shares a recipe featuring sardines that can help boost calcium in your diet.

Osteoporosis 8/14/17

Osteoporosis is a chronic condition that leads to a decrease in bone mass. Females in menopause are at risk for osteoporosis. Usually it affects lu...

Buttermilk Gazpacho Soup

Get your veggies and your calcium in this delicious cold soup recipe.

Your Health Matters: Preventing Osteoporosis

Your Health Matters: Preventing Osteoporosis

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