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The Healthy WAAY: Fixing Botched Bariatric Surgery

A medical procedure to repair damaged caused by botched bariatric surgery

Lose the "WAIT"!

How many times have you said to yourself, I'll get in shape...tomorrow? Rhonda made the same choice as you for years, until now, and she's here to ...

A New Weight Loss Program through a Chiropractor

It's a new weight loss program through a chiropractor. Dr. Shan Twit from Cornerstone Chiropractic Wellness is here to explain.

Incredible Shrinking Man

KXLY4's Derek Deis shares an incredible weight loss story.

Bluegrass Medical Aesthetics

For those of you trying to shed a few pounds before summer, Bluegrass Medical Aesthetics offers a medically supervised weight loss option, and it h...

VIDEO Life Lessons: The war for weight loss

VIDEO Life Lessons: The war for weight loss

Dr. Mehra talks about new study on weight loss

Dr. Mandira Mehra talks about a new study that looks at weight loss and short bursts of exercise.

Bluegrass Medical Aesthetics

Our guest, Allison Briggs, form Bluegrass Medical Aesthetics, joins us to walk us through some of their options.

Georgetown Bariatrics and Advanced Surgical Services

Dr. Eric Smith from Georgetown Bariatrics 7 Advanced Surgical Services stopped by the show to speak about weightloss surgery and steps you can take...

The Healthy WAAY: Losing Weight In The Morning

Tips on what morning habits will help you lose weight

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