Lung Cancer

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I was diagnosed with lung cancer less than a year ago and I am a non-smoker. I have since come to realize that most people diagnosed with lung can...

Know Someone with Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in both men and women. Odds are - you know someone affected. Kate Houston shows you her persona...

Lung Cancer Screening (11/8)

Lung Cancer Screening (11/8)

Health Beat: Monarch confirms lung cancer

Health Beat: Monarch confirms lung cancer

Medical Monday; Sally Waldorf: Payton Anderson Cancer Center

Amanda Corna interviews Sally Waldorf, a patient advocate nurse at the Payton Anderson Cancer Center for this week's Medical Monday segment. Waldor...

Health Beat: Lung cancer screening

Health Beat: Lung cancer screening

Medical Breakthroughs - Detecting lung cancer earlier

Lung cancer kills more Americans than breast, prostate and colon cancer combined, and like other forms of cancer, the earlier it's caught the bette...

The Healthy WAAY: Treatment for Lung Disease

Scientists are turning spinach leaves into high-tech scaffolding for tissue engineering and disease research

Bryan Foods/Sara Lee Magnate Dies

Bryan Foods and Sara Lee Foods magnate and West Point native John Bryant, Jr. has passed away from lung cancer.

LizFest honors the last wishes of cancer patient

The 7th annual LizFestĀ in La Crescent on Saturday celebrated the life of Elizabeth Holman-Melde, who died from lung cancer in 2012. Liz was a non-s...

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