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91-Year-Old Weight Lifter Sets Record

Veteran didn't start weight lifting until he was 60 years old

Eating Less Meat Linked To Living Longer

Vegetarian diets

102-Year-Old Goes Base-Jumping For Birthday

Dorothy Cluster was first in her family to base jump

Rochester #5 on Best Boomer Places to Live List

Guest: Author and blogger J. Walker Smith of “The Futures Company"

Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Women hold on to more disease fighting cells as they get older and immune systems may age slower

Tennessee Tops The Most Retiree Friendly States

Kentucky is number 4

105-Year-Old Woman Gets Ride In The Wienermobile

Bacon-loving grandma says bacon is secret to her longevity

Drug Can Slow Formation Of New Bone

Zoledronic acid is used in Osteoporosis treatment

90-Year-Old Celebrates Birthday Skydiving

60 year old sons joined their mother in the jump

104-Year-Old To Celebrate Birthday In Vegas

Louise Evans tributes longevity to walking

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