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Today's Top Medical News - August 3, 2017

In today's medical headlines, new evidence that patients are getting more pain pills than they need. And the importance of cholesterol lowering dru...

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Is Coconut Oil Bad For You?

According to a new study from the ADA coconut oil raises LDL “bad” cholesterol as much as butter.

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Advances in Treating Cholesterol

High cholesterol is something 100 million Americans deal with each day. It's key to controlling the waxy substance to prevent heart attacks, strok...

Taking Statins to Lower Cholesterol

Taking Statins to Lower Cholesterol

Animal Health - 03-23-17

This week, Dr. Karen Emerson talks about high cholesterol, bladder infection and ways to treat these problems with your pets.

Cholesterol Drug Success

Health Desk: Cholesterol

Dr. Mubarak talks about how high cholesterol can be a hidden killer because high levels of cholesterol doesn't show symptoms.

Americans urged to know their health information

American Heart Association urges people to know their health numbers, in order to reduce risks of heart disease.

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