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Health Talk - Heart Healthy Diet #2 02/14/18

We discuss Cholesterol in tonight's Health Talk.

Consumer Reports: Eat eggs for your health

n healthy people, eating eggs doesn’t seem to raise the levels of cholesterol in your blood by as much as experts once thought.

New Guidelines for High Blood Pressure Released

If you've never received a diagnosis of high blood pressure, that may be changing based on new guidelines from the American Heart Association. The...

Take Cholesterol To Heart

Statins...they're used to reduce cholesterol--which is key in the fight against heart disease. However, some people, like my mom, experience some p...

Abortion Pill Law Restricted Again FX

Abortion Pill Law Restricted Again FX

"Bridge Street: K Springer Cholesterol" 9.28.17

K Springer joins the show to talk about how one can lower their cholesterol and eat healthier.

TRIOS TUESDAY:Cholesterol Awareness Month

Today's Top Medical News - Sept. 7, 2017

Another use for cholesterol lowering drugs and a possible breakthrough in treating cancer.

HD: Cholesterol

Coined the hidden killer, cholesterol is one of the most controllable risk factors for preventing heart disease and stroke.

kid with high cholesterol

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