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Nutrition and Wellness

Dr. Donna Kulp talks about food and heart health.

Sugars and carbohydrates may be more harmful to your health than fats

A medical journal recently published data showing that low-fat diets were a greater risk factor for heart disease and heart attacks than diets low ...

Learn how to save a life with Jump Start the Heart

We're learning how to save lives with Jump Start the Heart. Here to train us how to help a choking victim is JoAnna. For more information, you can ...

Healthy WAAY

Congenital Heart Defects in Babies

The Healthy WAAY: The Dangers of Calcium

Why it's important to know your body's calcium level

Farm to Fork program

Healthy and nutritious food isn’t always easy to access in some areas. That’s one reason why the United Healthcare Community Program of Mississippi...

Heart to Heart

David Spector is joined by Dr. Andrew Waxler to talk about warning signs and summer heat.

Navicent Health awarded two national honors by American Heart Association

For the 8th year in a row, Navicent Health Hospital has been awarded by the American Heart Association for providing outstanding medical care to pa...

The Healthy WAAY: Bridge To Heart Transplant

A mechanical heart that can keep patients alive until they're healthy enough for a heart transplant

Learn how to save lives with Jump Start the Heart

We're learning how to save lives with jump start the heart. Here to train us to perform CPR is Joanna. Make sure you visit her website, jumpstartth...

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