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Crisis Drill Training

A school bus driver suddenly has a heart attack and is unable to avoid an oncoming train... that's the mock scenario that played out today in La Cr...

Alpha Phi Red Dress Brunch helps guard women's heart health

Red dresses are the uniform today for guarding women's heart health.

Cruisin’ party at Boyington Health and Rehab Center

You can’t put an age limit on fun, that’s why the Boyington Health and Rehabilitation Center had a Cruisin’ party for the residents at the center. ...

Healthwatch: Weight, blood pressure fluctuations linked to heart health

The latest health headlines from Channel3000.com.

"Black Girls Hike" Provides Community On The Trail

Two friends created a hiking group meant to encourage women to focus on wellness and heart health...and "Black Girls Hike" has exploded in populari...

Medical Monday; Christie Amerson: Coliseum Northside Hospital

Karlisha Booze interviews Christie Amerson from the Coliseum Northside Hospital for this week's Medical Monday. Amerson talks about Sepis, the diff...

Get Fit Friday 9/14/18 - Heart Rate Based Training

Beth Jeffers and Whitney Brown of The Fitness Factor in Columbus tell us about heart rate based training using a strap that reads heart rate during...

Autopsy reveals Fort Wayne officer died from heart attack

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WFFT) - The Allen County coroner says Fort Wayne officer David Tinsley died from a heart attack while on duty.

Heart Attacks During Pregnancy On The Increase

Heart Attacks During Pregnancy On The Increase

Mayo Clinic study finds heart attacks during pregnancy are up 25 percent since 2002.

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