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VIDEO: Health Beat: Beat heart failure with Barostim

VIDEO: Health Beat: Beat heart failure with Barostim

Justice Dental (Dentistry from the Heart)

Justice Dental (Dentistry from the Heart)

Medical Breakthroughs - Beating congestive heart failure

The number of Americans living with congestive heart failure is on the rise, expected to affect more than 8 million people by 2030.

D’Iberville students receive CPR training kits

The Mississippi Peanut Growers Association made it possible for CPR training kits to be put in classrooms. Students in D’Iberville are learning th...

The Healthy WAAY: Barostim to Beat Heart Failure

A device is being tested that could help patients avoid heart failure

Falling Ash Impacts on Health

Dealing with fatigue, headaches, even heart problems from smoky conditions from neighboring wildfires.

Heart to Heart

Dave Spector is joined by Dr. Andrew Waxler to discuss strokes.

The Healthy WAAY: World's Tiniest Pacemaker

Cardiologists at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York are using a tiny wireless pacemaker in kids that's been recently approved

Healthwatch: Genetic factors could help diagnose heart condition

The latest health headlines from Channel3000.com.

Learning how to save a Choking Infant with Jump Start the Heart

It’s a scary thought: an infant choking on something. Babies are curious and will stick almost anything they get their hands on in their mouths. So...

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