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Workers in Berks

Stephanie Towles is joined by Francis Cleary to talk about local access to drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Booze-Free Labor Day Floating

What was once an infamous Labor Day spectacle is now just another relaxing day on the Sacramento River. Both Butte and Glenn counties, along with t...

Council on Chemical Abuse: Drug and Alcohol Update

Yvonne Stroman is joined by Stacy Short to talk about access to treatment for youth.

Research finds link between alcohol and cancer

A new study suggests two alcoholic drinks a day can be enough to increase your risk of cancer.

TNT Ranch and Recovery Fundraiser

Recovery can mean a whirlwind of things, but for the people at TNT Ranch and Recovery it means one thing: hope. Just two and a half years ago, Jim...

Easy Does It

Keith Stoudt is joined by Scott Althouse and Kim Carlance to talk about EDI housing programs, the upcoming golf tournament, the upcoming Soberstock...

Council on Chemical Abuse: Drug & Alcohol Update

Yvonne Stroman and Sara Billman discuss underage drinking and programs for alcohol education.

Assistant principal shares past alcohol addiction

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence drinking causes 88,000 deaths a year. April is Alcohol Awareness Month and News...

Caught on Camera: Bar Owner Tases Customers

Caught on Camera: Bar Owner Tases Customers

An Arizona bar owner, tased two customers when they try to leave the bar without paying their $126. tab. The incident is captured on surveillance v...

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