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The Healthy WAAY: Insulin "On-The-Go"

More doctors may be moving to prescribing a way of taking insulin that's easier and more convenient for patients

McAllen Doctors Says Team Approach is Best to Treat Diabetes

A patient says her weakness, desserts, were what led to her diagnosis at the age of 27.

Diabetes Side-Effect Impacts on Vision

Diabetics are encouraged to schedule an eye screening at least once a year.

Diabetes on the rise, according to CDC

The number of people with diabetes is on the rise, according to a new report.

Doctors Looking to Make Diabetes Medication More Effective through Clinical Trials

A DHR doctor says diabetes affects Latinos more than probably any other population.

Teen with Diabetes Shares Experience Growing Up with Disease

While diabetes poses some challenges, she says it won’t stop her from achieving her dream.

Cost Associated with Living with Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association says people with diabetes spend on average $7,900 a year alone.

Process of Getting Screened for Diabetes

It’s as simple as pricking your finger and dropping the blood onto the test strip.

Medical official elaborates on Diabetic Kidney disease

A Medical official elaborates on diabetic kidney disease during National Kidney Month. More at www.kidneymd.org.

Expert Highlights Symptoms Found to Confirm Diabetes Diagnosis

One in every four people in the Valley has diabetes and the symptoms can go unnoticed for years.

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