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Rapper speaks to local kids

Rapper speaks to local kids

Hip hop artist visits local school

The Midwest Music Fest kicks off this week, and one local school is taking the chance to teach kids about a type of music they may not know a lot a...

JA Path 04-11-18

Spreading positive messages using hip hop.

Lil’ Boosie boycotts Black Beach Weekend

Hip hop star Lil Boosie is taking to Instagram, asking his fans to boycott the Black Spring Break event happening on the Mississippi Gulf Coast thi...


A few weeks ago, we dove in to the evolution of hip hop in Evansville.

Bail posted at $1 million for suspect in horrific Yakima rap

Nelly to perform at MGM Park

Blue Cap Entertainment in conjunction with Overtime Sports announced today that hip hop star Nelly will be performing on the Coast. The concert wi...

Hip Hop Announcement

that's jim matthews, the assistant principal at north pontotoc elementary school, informing his students and staff that today would be a snow day. ...

'Pasco Pride' rap by students

From the Grinch, to Chance the Rapper

How Arizona police are using the Grinch to encourage shoppers to be smart, and, Chance the Rapper does the weather. See for yourself.

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