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Magic of Storytelling 2018 Event

Finding a Connection with God through Horses

Kentucky is known to be part of the “Bible Belt”, but sometimes it's a struggle for some people to find that connection with God. Reverend Laurie B...

44Book Club: Some Go Hungry

A new month means a new book for our 44Book Clubbers, and this month's selection, "Some Go Hungry", is a literary mystery that follows Grey Daniels...

F.J Messina- Murder Mystery Series

Our guest, F.J. Messina, joins us to talk about his first book in his series of murder mystery novels. The entire series is set in Lexington. The a...

SLCC Digital Media Event

future authors

Cosmonaut Nik Halik Talks about Making Life and Work Richer

There is a way to make your life and work richer through freedom. Cosmonaut Nik Halik, the author of “5 Day Weekend”, came in and told us how we ca...

Cosmonaut (Part 2)

Nik Halik author of 5 Day Weekend, speaks about his book and being a former astronaut. The author shares with our viewers insight into how to gain ...

Cosmonaut (Part 1)

Nik Halik author of 5 day weekend and former astronaut speaks about traveling the world and how to gain freedom by side hustling. Apps like Uber, L...

Inside The Community: Marlane Cox

Inside The Community: Marlane Cox

The Passing Scene

George Meiser IX is joined by Tadd Kelby Casner and Paul Miller to continue talking about Paul's upcoming book.

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