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Mother of Border Patrol Agent Killed While Fishing Finds Justice

She says she wants more than the 50 year sentence her son’s killer received.

Health Talk "Hunting Safety #3" 01-10-19

Tonight's Health Talk we discuss hunting safety.

Indiana seeks to solve hunting decline with women, youth

Indiana officials are looking for ways to encourage more women and youth to become game hunters as the state continues to issue a declining number ...

Preparing for Minnesota Governor's Fishing Opener

We're taking a look at how the city is preparing for Albert Lea's MN Fishing Opener.

Ice Fishing Safety Warning

The Ice May Look Thick, But You Still Need To Look Out!

Hunting season and spotlighting

Hunting season and spotlighting

Take a Vet Fishing Day

Organizers are gearing up for the 'Take a Vet Fishing Day'.

One dead after hunting accident

One dead after hunting accident

Ice safety reminders ahead of Ice fishing season

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is reminding people to stay safe when it comes to going on the ice.

Hunting Crime

Hunters aren't the only ones on the hunt.

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