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JTS Mortgage Minute December 12 2017

Jeff Farnham discusses the benefits of using a real estate professional.

Home prices declining as 2017 comes to an end

Home prices declining as 2017 comes to an end

Myhighplains Homes

Myhighplains Homes

Now is the time to sell a house, protect it

The National Association of Realtors says it takes three weeks to sell a house. EPD said you should protect your home once you buy one. They give t...

Mad Paper Coaching

JTS Mortgage Minute December 5, 2017

Jeff Farnham stops by to give tips on being credit worthy as well as things not to do in order to keep good credit

Let's List: Title Insurance

Realtor Sarah Brogdon and Attorney Web Raulston explain how title insurance helps protect a home buyer's property rights.

Realizing the American Dream

Randy Fromm talks about buying investment properties for income.

JTS Mortgage Minute - November 28, 2017

In today's weekly segment, Jeff Farnham discusses reasons to refinance your current mortgage loan.

Realtors worried for tax reform bill

The value of the home may not stay active and healthy, says the National Association of realtors.

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