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Under the Hood - Engine & Cabin Air Filters

Keeping your air filters working.

Under the Hood - Brake Replacement

Warning signs it could be time to replace your brakes.

Under the Hood - Belts and Hoses

S&S Tire discusses belts and hoses.

LADA Car Show at Cajun Field

all week long

Toyota Groundbreaking

The Toyota plant in Blue Springs will break ground on an interactive visitor and training center this afternoon.

Under the Hood - Vehicle Aging

S&S Tire talks about premature aging in cars.

Why are so many deadly, recalled airbags still on the road?

Why are so many of the recalled Takata airbags airbags still on the road? Auto experts at Consumer Reports say they shouldn’t be –– and the time to...

Auto Sales Revved up in March

Auto Sales Revved up in March

Spring has certainly sprung into full gear for automakers, with March numbers coming in far higher than expected. CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports.

Under The Hood: Pre-Trip Checkup

Items to check in your car before you go on a trip.

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