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Technology Tuesday December 12, 2017

Technology Tuesday December 12, 2017

Gift Ideas for Dads

Power cables that can jump your car and fit in your glove box? Jamey Tucker looks at that and some other dad gift ideas.

Jerome School District falls victim to ransomware

The Jerome School District experienced some internet and phone issues early Monday morning, falling victim to ransomware.

Apps to Calm You

"Calm" is an app that says it can calm you down if you're stressed.

Tech Talk 12-10-17

Tech Talk 12-10-17

Scammers Use Your Voice to Steal

Jamey Tucker explains how scammers may try to record your voice in order to sneak extra charges onto your phone bill.

College of Southern Idaho preps to launch new website

The project has lasted nearly two years and the site is set to launch in January.

Net Neutrality Protest

Jordan Lamers reports

Tech Talk 12-6-17

Tech Talk 12-6-17

Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers

Jamey Tucker looks at different tech gifts to give your videos the Hollywood look.

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