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Vyriad ribbon cutting

The Biotech company is moving in to the med city.

Opelousas Council Approves to Lease Property to New Biotech Company

Opelousas Council Approves to Lease Property to New Biotech Company

The Healthy WAAY: Treatment for Lung Disease

Scientists are turning spinach leaves into high-tech scaffolding for tissue engineering and disease research

The Healthy WAAY: Smart Parts for Amputees

Some scientists are researching and designing "smart parts" prosthetic implants that are resistant to dangerous bacteria that cause infections

Paul Propst Center Grant Opening

WAAY 31's Steven Dilsizan reports on the ribbon cutting of Hudson Alpha's new Paul Propst Center

The Healthy WAAY: Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Researchers now have a new tool to study the development of pancreatic cancer

The Healthy WAAY: Fitness Tracker For Your DNA

A California-based company has developed a test to determine one's cellular age

The Healthy WAAY: Restoring Touch For Amputees

Technology once found only in science fiction could enable amputees to feel the sensation of touch in their prosthetic limbs

The Healthy WAAY: Relieving Chronic Itch

Doctors have found a drug that could offer relief from chronic itch

The Healthy WAAY: Underwater Treatments

Researchers are scouring underneath the oceans for new treatments for tuberculosis

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