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MSSU Green Dot

MSSU Green Dot

Tolls in NH could increase

Tolls in New Hampshire could soon be going up by about 50-percent in some areas. According to the Department of Transportation cash paying passe...

Road Repair

The mississippi department of transportation says these are long

New Fuel Source - Coffee Grounds

LONDON -- The average American drinks about three cups of coffee a day -- leaving behind tons of coffee ground waste each year. Now, in Britain, ...

V-DOT travel Thanksgiving Weekend

Travel is expected to be the highest it's been in ten years this holiday weekend.

Travel + Leisure

Your daily 30 Second Download on Travel + Leisure

TMN List: 11-21-17

A new breed of semi truck will soon cover the highways all over America! NewsChannel 9 has all the details you should know about Tesla's newest pr...

Highway 351 construction ahead of schedule

If your New Year's resolution is to sit in less traffic and you live near Texas Highway 351 in Northeast Abilene, you may complete that goal. The T...

Springfield plans to improve Main Street safety

The City of Springfield is working on the "Main Street Safety Project" with the Oregon Department of Transportation and Lane Transit District to ma...

State DOT makes salt brine more environmentally friendly

State DOT makes salt brine more environmentally friendly

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