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Railroad crossway safety concerns

Yesterday we brought you breaking news about a van that was struck by a Kansas City Southern Train on the railroad crossway on Beach Boulevard and ...

Planning org. proposed as Twin Falls approaches metropolitan

The Idaho Transportation Department plans to create a Metropolitan Planning Organization as Twin Falls County anticipates growing into a metropolit...

TxDOT Plans to Remove Palm Trees Along US 77

The agency plans to relocate the trees to make room for an improvement project.

Transportation depart. narrows design for Jerome interchange

The Idaho Department of Transportation will be holding a public meeting for input on the south Jerome interchange.

Over-sized Vessel Transport

Berard Transport hauled a massive steel tank through Lafayette.

ODOT Prepares Interstate 5 For Heavy Snow

Crews from the Oregon Department of Transportation are hitting the roads before you do. They'll be working 24/7 to make sure the snow and ice does ...

Snow Plows & Visibility

A pilot program is working to reduce plow-involved crashes

INDOT do my job

INDOT do my job

INDOT do my job

INDOT do my job

DOT crews respond to winter weather warning

DOT crews respond to winter weather warning

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