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Brian Wilson Attorney at Law

Sick of harassing phone calls? Call Today!

Lawline at 11, Dec. 18

Legal advice and questions answered.

Lawline: Winter Weather Wrecks

If you're out on the road in winter weather and have an accident, does your insurance cover you?

Schoolfield: Out of the Ashes by Jerry Summers

Attorney and author Jerry Summers discusses his book, Schoolfield: Out of the Ashes.

Lawline at 11 - Dec. 11

Legal advice and questions answered.

Lawline: Filing a Personal Injury Claim On Your Own

When it comes to filing a claim, anyone can represent themselves in court.

Warren & Griffin: Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Attorney Zack England, from Warren & Griffin, discusses the need for drivers to carry Uninsured Motorist Insurance.

Lawline at 11

Legal questions answered.

Lawline: Holiday Party Hosting Liability

The holiday season is coming up. Christmas parties everyone goes to, or if you have one at your house, what should you know?

Speaking Legal - 11/28/17

Speaking Legal - 11/28/17

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