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VIDEO Life Lessons: Energy fuels success

VIDEO Life Lessons: Energy fuels success

Power Companies Asking Customers to Conserve Energy

The efforts are to avoid ERCOT-issued blackouts later in the summer.

Valley Power Companies Encouraging Customers to Conserve Energy

With triple-digit temperatures in the forecast, valley power companies are asking you to conserve energy in hopes of avoiding forced rolling-blacko...

Sustainable Energy Boot Camp

Sustainable Energy Boot Camp

The key to getting more out of your time: Manage your energy

Dr. Shilagh Mirgain explains how you can get more out of your time by managing your energy.

Tips on how to save on energy this summer

Nexus Energy Center spoke to WAAY 31 about some ways everyone can save on their energy bills this summer.

Committee pushing Madison to transition to 100 percent renewable energy

The Sustainable Madison Committee is meeting Monday night to talk about the feasibility of funding a big, green goal for the city. It will talk abo...

Rural residents comment on energy policy

Residents in Winona get their say on topics that impact Minnesota.

Duke Energy donates $400,000 for Indiana youth reading programs

“A child’s ability to read at grade level is one of the strongest indicators of whether that child will succeed in school and in life,” said Melody...

Second Jay County Wind Farm

Second Jay County Wind Farm

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