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Bridging the Generation Gap

Bob Orzechowski discusses the recent federal tax reform bills passed by the U.S. House and Senate with students at Muhlenberg High School.

State proposes change to TDC bed tax money

State proposes change to TDC bed tax money

Property Taxes

Expect a property tax increase.

Idaho nonprofits worried about funding because of tax bills

The Idaho Nonprofit Center laid out multiple concerns about both the Senate and House tax bills.

Support For G.O.P. Tax Bill

Support For G.O.P. Tax Bill

Leahy on tax bill

The latest analysis from the Joint Committee on Taxation shows the Senate GOP tax bill would increase the country's deficit by one-trillion dollars...

Ag. Secretary and Wisconsin Senators on tax plan impact

In a one-on-one interview, Sonny Perdue told us farmers and small businesses will gain more benefits than they lose under the plan. The Conservat...

US House passes tax bill, teachers could lose $250 deduction

The U.S. House recently passed a tax bill stating taxpayers "not to be allowed an itemized deduction for expenses attributable to the trade or busi...

Univ. of Oregon graduate students join National Walkout

University of Oregon (UO) graduate students will join thousands of other students in the National Walkout and Rallies Against Trump-GOP at Erb Memo...

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